Williams Renault FW16 - Ayrton Senna - ASC 20
Minichamps Code: 540 944312
Benetton B195 - Michael Schumacher - MSC 17
Minichamps Code: 510 954311
Brawn BGP 001 - Jenson Button - GP Brazil 2009
Minichamps Code: 400 090622
Brabham BT52 - Nelson Piquet - GP Brazil 1983
Minichamps Code: 430 830005
Ferrari 126 C2 - Gilles Villeneuve - 1982
Minichamps Code: 430 820027
Jordan 191 - Michael Schumacher - MSC 29
Minichamps Code: 510 914332
Redbull RB1 - David Coulthard - 2005
Minichamps Code: 400 050014
McLaren MP4-17D - Kimi Raikkonen - 1st Win 2003
Minichamps Code: 530 034326
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 Paul's Model Art
 Paul's Model Art have produced Formula 1
 Minichamps since the early 1990's. The
 early 'Road Box' models had less detail than
 today with items such as mirrors being
 ignored for ease of manufacture.

 Over the years the quality and detail of their Formula One models has
 improved to the high standard that we see today.

 The following teams will be represented by Pauls Model Art for the 2015
 Formula One season: - Force India, Lotus, McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull,
 Sauber, Toro Rosso & Williams
 View the Official Minichamps website (English version).

 World Champions Collection
 Minichamps produce 1/43 diecast replicas
 of Formula 1 World Championship drivers
 and cars with their "World Champions
 The collection is generally very sought after
 by collectors and sells out quickly after
 release, resulting in elevated prices on the second hand market.
 View the World Champions Collection

 Rare/Hard to Find 1/43 F1 Minichamps
 At present, the Michael Schumacher
 MSC No:17 Benetton B195 Grand Prix
 France 1995 is the most valuable of all the
 1/43 F1 Minichamps.

 The model has sold for over 1500 but can be found cheaper & has been
 known to go for the modest sum of 500.

 The MSC No:17 was withdrawn from the market place and replaced by the
 MSC No:24. There does not appear to be an official reason given for this,
 however, it has been noted that the MSC No:17 uses the B195/1 body
 style which incorporates the 'double hump' air box when in actual fact the
 Benetton should be the B195/2 with the normal airbox, view here, which
 was run at the 1995 French Grand Prix.

 The MSC No:17 was a limited run of 1995 pieces, however, only a fraction
 of this amount has made it to the market place which is the reason for the
 elevated price. It is not actually known whether of not the full production
 run was ever completed and if so what became of the other models.
 View Rare/Hard to Find 1/43 F1 Minichamps.